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Streamside Stories

Cornell Naturalist Outreach students explore the complex life cycles, amazing adaptations and ecological importance of the world of insects living under water. See the caddisfly’s creative camouflage, learn how dragonflies can live underwater for years before taking to the sky, and watch as “toe-biters” hunt tadpoles and fish.

Amphibian Adventures

In this crash course in amphibian biology, you’ll learn the difference between toads and frogs, see how color communicates to predators, and meet the hellbender—a salamander native to New York that can grow up to two and a half feet long!

A Budding Science

Learn how researchers are using daily weather data to estimate the start of spring—or “springcasting”—in near real-time at every location in the United States. This year, the team is sharing springcasts with lilac observers, inviting them to help determine whether the predictions are correct at their location.

Reclaiming Broken Places

Join professor of natural resources Marianne Krasny and senior extension associate Keith Tidball to explore why and how people come together to care for nature and cultivate community in places marked by disaster, war, poverty and environmental degradation in the six-week edX course "Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology." From community gardening and wetlands restoration to river cleanups and tree planting, people are transforming blighted vacant lots, trashed-out stream corridors, polluted estuaries, and other “broken places.” Enroll now: the course starts April 10.